Being Faithful

“Being Faithful”

Being faithful isnt hard…or at least not to me. Its about commitment and dedication to the person you love. For me  i have been in numerous of bad heart-breaking relationships that make you wonder if you want to get in another relationship. When in a relationship there are going to be times where people will come along and try to come between you and your spouse but you can not let them. A random female or one that you may know might come to you or contact you asking do you have a girlfriend or are you in a relationship but you should be honest and say yes i so if you are faithful. I know this because it happened to me yesterday that’s how i know but on the other hand you you have to put some good in your relationship in order to get something out. You cant plant shit and expect a flower sprout up, but you plant a apple seed you are going to expect a apple tree so if you are faithful to your spouse, 9 times out of 10 they will do the same. Make it….. last Be Faithful


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