Whats life

What is life?…….like in my last blog this is hard explain also but life is a series of ongoing events that we people go through everyday day in and day out as we live some may be good,bad, heart-warming, hard to go through,ect. Some things that may happen will make you wanna quit and make you wish you never woke up today like how i feel sometimes but that’s part of life. Something you have to brush off and move on and some you have to eat the bullet and just take it, whats meant to be is just meant to be if you understand. Everyone’s life is different and you have to understand that that’s why i don’t judge people, i might make jokes about people from time to time but that’s just a little sense of humor something i like to do to keep me laughing ,because laughter is the best medicine its good for the heart.


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  1. Biswadarshan Mohanty · September 23, 2014

    Totally agree that being unprejudiced is the way to live your life. It is the beginning of a better world if not Utopia…

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